About University Chapel

We Are Interdenominational
University Chapel is an interdenominational Christian church on the campus of the University of British Columbia.
We Are Multicultural
We are a multicultural community held together by our common belief in the God of the Bible.
We are Bible-Based
We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, that Jesus was the Messiah, and that through him every person may enter into a relationship with God empowered by the Holy Spirit.
What We Do
(i.e., our "Liturgy")

Each Sunday we gather to experience God through musical worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship. To help you feel more at home in our service, here is a brief outline of some of the core aspects of our Sunday service and its symbols.

We Sing
The service begins with a time of corporate singing during which we reflect on God's gracious work in and for the world.
We Give
This is an opportunity to practice the spiritual discipline of generosity and contribute financially to the common work of the Church.
We Pray
A time of corporate prayer in which a member brings the concerns of the community before God.
We Learn
A lesson from Christian Scripture seeking to apply its ancient wisdom to life in the modern world.
We Remember
A celebratory "meal" instituted by Jesus at the Last Supper consisting of bread and wine.
We Send
A concluding blessing in which members are commissioned to serve God and neighbour in the week to come.
Our Sanctuary
The Cross

In our sanctuary the cross is front and centre.  It represents the centrality of the saving work of Christ, who made a full and sufficient sacrifice of himself to bring us to God.  Through him we gather and celebrate in worship before our holy and gracious Father in heaven.


The wooden lectern on the platform was made by one of our members.  From it we proclaim the Word of God.  It reminds us that God speaks to us through his Word so that we can follow him in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Coloured Hangings

The hangings represent our connection to the eternal, universal church.  The colors change with the changing seasons of the church calendar (Christmas, Lent, Easter, etc.) based on traditions that go back to the early church.  We also structure our teaching plan (the sermon series and home group curriculum) around the church calendar.

Worship Team to the Side of the Stage

When we worship, God is the audience and we are the “performers”. The worship team is not performing but rather leads us as we rejoice before God.  We’re on the stage and God is the audience enjoying our praise.  It is beautiful to God not because of the sounds we make but because of the hearts we bring.

Meet Our Team

Karen Daniels
  • Transitional English/Lead Pastor
Lorna Taylor
  • Ministry Coordinator
Lydia Kau
  • Children's Pastor
Sam Barg
  • Youth Pastor
What about Children?

University Chapel provides programs for children from newborns to high school students during the service. To sign-in your small children, look for a welcome table in the Church foyer. Children and Youth will begin the service in the sanctuary with the adults and then be dismissed partway through for their own activities. Please see our Children's Ministry and Youth Ministry pages or read the weekly bulletin for more information.

Children's Ministry Youth Ministry