Children's Ministry 

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’” —Matthew 19:14

  • Programs:

    • Nursery Care (0 - 1.5 years old)

    The nursery is a welcoming place where babies or toddlers can rest and play with their parents during the service. Parents can join the service through the screen in the room. Parents can bring your little ones to the nursery room in the west wing from 10:00 am onwards and are responsible for maintaining the room in a decent condition afterwards.

    • Preschool Program (1.5 - 5 years old)

    The preschool program is for children who have outgrown the nursery but are still too young for the Sunday school program. Children stay with their parents in the service until the announcement of sending children to Sunday School at 10:25 a.m. The preschool classroom is in the Sunday school wing (the first door to the right in the long hallway), and the program is play-based. Kids follow their interest in playing with toys and peers. Bible story time is integrated to allow children to learn about God through fun, lively stories. Healthy snacks and water are provided to refuel their energy. Parents should show up at 11:30 a.m. and sign their child out.

    • Sunday School Program (5 - 10 years old)

    We refer to this program as Adventure Land: a place where children can experience God and have fun; a place where they are valued and loved; a place where they learn more about God through activities, crafts, games and small group interaction. Our goal is for the children to get to know Jesus, to build a living relationship with Him, and to be excited to walk with Him. Through this, they will be inspired to invite and share the excitement and good news with friends and neighbours in their community!

    The children initially stay with their parents in the service to join the community in worship. Once they are invited to go to Sunday School at 10:25 am, the children head to the Sunday school area in the west wing. The Sunday School room is the second door to the right.

    Several Comments from Parents' about the Children's Programs at UC...

    • “The program provides the opportunity for kids to learn and share the love of Jesus...”
    • “It’s great to see the program nurture the children’s’ spiritual foundation and allow them to explore their creativity in a healthy social environment.”
    • “I really like the fact that individual attention (i.e. the desire to provide love and care for each child) is encouraged in your programs.”
    • “Our kids have lots of fun while learning about Jesus...they look forward to it all week long...”
    • “It’s great to know the range of activities that you offer. I really appreciate the enthusiasm of the leaders and the thoughtfulness and consideration that has gone into the program.”
    • “We are new to the program but so far we like the consistency – it’s easy for the little ones to make the transition from one age group to the next...”
    • “This interactive approach to engaging with the children is great! I like the idea of using drama, puppets, videos, and other creative elements to tell the bible story.”

Children's Ministry: An Opportunity for Volunteers to Grow

Our programs were created to bless not only the children but the volunteers as well. It is a place where the adults can use their gifts to share God’s love and story to the little ones and be spiritually nourished and blessed by working together with other members of our community. 

If you are interested in and have felt called to volunteer in our children’s ministry, please contact Anne at 

Children's Ministry: Prayer

Please pray for the children, so that they may grow in Christ and in their relationships with their friends and family during this time, and for the volunteers, so that they may teach, guide, and care for the children with patience, kindness, and joy. Please pray for the health and safety of the children and the volunteers, and that God may be glorified through the stories and conversations they will share.