Mark 11:12-25
Faith in Real Life - True Religion

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"True Religion"

Mark 11: 12 - 25

Main Sermon Points

  • Introduction
    • Why is Jesus suddenly so angry?
    • What is this weird idea of of cursing a poor tree?
    • Who would like to throw mountains in the water anyway?
  • Context
    • Jesus just arrived in Jerusaleum
    • Entered as king, but was not received
    • A great clash between Jesus and the chief priests is set up
  • Shutting down the temple
  • Issues with the temple
  • A house of all nations
    • Isaiah 56:7, A house of prayer for all nations
    • Isaiah speaks of a universal service
    • Jesus criticizes the divisions within society the priests insisted on
  • A den of robbers
    • Jememiah 7:11
    • The whole chapter is a call to justice
  • Issues with the temple
    • "Partnership with God cannot be confined or reduced to mere "spiritual attitudes, to devout feelings...It requires a whole persons life, in all it's aspects and relationships. Man can have no real part in holiness without the sanctification of his everyday life" (Martin Buber)
  • Issues with the temple
    • God demands a wholehearted devotion
    • No parts of it is more (or less) sacred than the rest
  • Prayer
    • Peter sees the withered fig tree and marvels
    • Jesus stresses the importance of of having faith in God
    • The disciples paid a very high price for standing up against the high-priests