UC Community Garden

It’s gardening season! This summer we are moving to Phase 2 of our community garden to run
it more like other community gardens around the city so that we can create space for our
broader UC/STM community and our neighbours across the street to build relationships by
gardening in the same space together.

How It Works

  1. The 12 smaller triangle shaped boxes will be available to lease for $15-20 for this season. The
    season, this year, will run from May 15 – October 31. Following this we will move to a yearly
  2. Registration for the individual boxes will be on a first come, first served basis. You can
    register here and we will contact you once we have allocated the boxes. We will open this
    registration to the building across the street on Friday, May 12 th , 2023 which will give the UC
    community a few days to register before we open it up.
  3. Upon confirmation of a garden box you will receive the guidelines and policies for community
    garden along with a form to fill in. Payment will be due at this time and will be followed by an
    orientation to the garden.
  4. If you are allocated a garden box it will be your responsibility to care for, water, and maintain
    it. The boxes will have soil in them but you will need to provide your own compost or manure
    to enrich the soil. A couple of bags should be enough for one box.
  5. The 11 larger rectangular boxes will be for groups from within the UC/STM community to
    use, similar to last year - for example, the Sunday School, international students, Korean
    service, Chines Service, English service etc. There will be one box dedicated to herbs that
    everyone can use.

A Work In Progress

The building of this garden is still a work in progress and there are few things that still need
to be completed in the next month, so we ask that you have patience with us as we complete
these. They are:

  • Water source: Currently we have hoses running from the north side of the building out
    to the garden but we are in process of having a permanent water source installed in the
  • Garden box additions: We are adding four new boxes this year. Three are complete, one
    installed, two to be installed, and one still to be built and installed.

So, we are excited to get the gardening season started! Register today! If you have questions,
please contact Noah for more information: garden@universitychapel.org

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Contact: garden@universitychapel.org