Community Garden update from Paul and Thea

April 2020

It's warming up and the UC community garden is taking shape.

We have started harvesting radish and arugula. 

Lots of great vege's to come like broad beans, kale, carrots, snow peas, snap peas.

We are looking forward to sharing the harvest with you soon.



The UC Community Garden is in full swing.

On Feb 29th, a group of us met for the Community Garden work day to prepare the boxes and did some initial seeding. 

Beginning in March, we will tend the garden together on Wednesdays between 4 and 5:30pm. After Easter, we will move to later in the evening, as the sun is out longer. 

Anyone is welcome to come and help on these days and take home some of the vegetables. It will also be a casual opportunity to hang out, play games, chat, maybe have a picnic dinner in the summer, etc.

Please feel free to ask me and questions or to join,

Paul Robinson