Heb 6:13 to 7:3
Our Forever Hope

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"Our Forever Hope"

Hebrews 6:13 to 7:3

Main Sermon Points

  • Hope
    • Definition: to desire with anticipation of fulfilment
    • Fulfilment is not guaranteed
  • The Importance of the Oath
    • Human oath
    • God's oath
    • An oath
  • The hope is...
    • An anchor for our soul, an entire being
    • Steadfast
    • Gives us safety and a reliable basis for living
    • JESUS himself, the promise fulfilled!
  • Christ our Forever Hope
    • The importance of Jesus as High Priest
    • The order of Melchizedek
  • Who was Melchizedek?
    • His name means king of righteousness
    • Kind of peace
    • No beginning or end
  • What does this mean for us?
    • Our hope is Jesus, guaranteed, confirmed and fulfilled
    • Christ is our forever hope that is guaranteed!