1 Corinthians 15:1-8, Matthew 28:1-10
Our Resurrection Hope in Times of Trial

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Our Resurrection Hope in Times of Trial

1 Corinthians 15:1-8, Matthew 28:1-10

Main Sermon Points

  • Not a normal Easter
    • "This is the Lentiest Lent I have ever Lented"
  • The Resurrection Narrative in Matthew
    • Jesus' burial
    • The guard sealing the tomb
    • The empty tomb
    • The corruption of the guards
    • The great commission
  • The Burial
    • Jesus is dead
    • "Are you the only one in Jeruselem who hasn't heard what's happened during the last few days? (Luke 24:18, MSG)
    • It has gone viral
  • Guard at the tomb & Corruption of the guards
    • Feared the disciples faking the resurrection
    • Buy off the guards, buy off Pilate
    • Even in the midst of the actual happening resurrection, the Priests are trying to deny and suppress what is happening
  • The Empty Tomb
    • "The irony is not to be missed: the ones assigned to guard the dead....themselves appear dead while the dead one has been made alive" - Donald Hagnar
    • He is not here, he has risen!
    • His resurrection - our hope, power over heavan and earth
  • The Great Commission
      • Go and make disciples
      • You have something to offer, even in these strange times
      • You offer the hope of the resurrection of Jesus Christ