Chaplaincy at UBC

What is a Chaplain? 

From the University of British Columbia's Chaplains webpage:

"As one student put it, a chaplain is a 'portable pastor.' Chaplains usually (but not always) are ordained in a religious or spiritual tradition and work within a certain group or community without necessarily being attached to a church. Chaplains can be found in hospitals, the armed forces, universities, and various other settings. The role of a chaplain varies depending on community to which they belong."

In our case, University Chapel represents the Evangelical Christian & Brethren Tradition. Chaplaincy services are for UBC students, staff and facult, who are seeking spiritual counsel, pastoral care and guidance.

To find UBC Chaplains from different faith traditions, visit the UBC Chaplaincy Home Page.

If you would like more information, or would like to meet and chat, please contact Geoff.