Our Vision, Mission and Values


Loving Christ, Serving the World


The mission of our church helps us both to understand and to guide how we live out our identity as the body of Christ. We have both an external imperative, and an internal dynamic.  Both of these dynamics are set by Scripture. The External Imperative also describes University Chapel's unique reality as a church community situated near UBC on the Westside of Vancouver where there is a constant flow-through of people.

External Imperative:     Receive — Equip — Send

Internal Dynamic:         Celebrate + Unite + Empower

Receive – To be a place of belonging and hospitality, welcoming all who come. (John 6:37; Rom 10:12)

Equip – To teach, train and disciple everyone in Christ to faithfully serve the world. (Eph 4:12-13)

Send – To go daily into our world to share Christ's love and be a blessing to all. (Gal 6:9-10; Matt 28:18-20)

Celebrate – To celebrate the presence of God through worship, prayer and spiritual disciplines. (Prov 23:26; Rom 12:1; Phil 4:4)

Unite – To be in caring unity with one another and the wider body of Christ. (John 17:21; 1 Cor 1:10; 1 Pet 3:8)

Empower – To live in the power and love of the Holy Spirit, serving according to need and gifting. (1 Cor 2:4-5; 2 Cor 12:9, Eph 3:16)

"For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves" (Col 1:13)


As a church community, we seek to uphold and live according to these values: 

Biblical Authority – We value obedience to the full counsel of Scripture and its application to our daily lives.  From our Statement of Faith: “We believe in the divine inspiration of Holy Scripture and its consequent entire trustworthiness and supreme authority in all matters of faith and life.”  

Orthodoxy  – We affirm the traditional creeds and Biblical beliefs of the Christian faith such as contained in the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed.  These are also expressed in our Statement of Faith.

Integrity – We value integrity and believe the gospel of Christ is relevant in all areas of life. Biblical morals inform how we live, work, relate, and make decisions in both our public and private lives.

Discipleship – We value discipleship and seek to grow everyone to maturity in Christ.

Worship – We value the celebration of our life in God through many different forms of Christian worship, both in the community setting and in personal devotion.

Prayer – We value prayer as a means of expressing our dependence upon God. It includes listening to Him and casting our cares upon Him.

Proclamation – We proclaim Christ crucified and raised from the dead to restore everyone to God through personal faith in his redemptive work.

Community –  We value intentional Christian community, welcoming all who come.  We submit ourselves to our community and our leadership under Scripture. We love one another in practical ways.

Diversity – We value all people equally and strive to break down racial, cultural, linguistic, gender, socio-economic and other barriers. We do not engage in exploitative interactions.

Christian Unity  – We value unity in the local and worldwide body of Christ, we submit to one another for the sake of unity when differences are not matters of heresy. We value reconciliation and forgiveness.

Engagement  – We value genuine engagement with our neighbourhood. We seek to serve both locally and globally by meeting practical needs and building relationships.

Stewardship – We value honest stewardship of all the gifts and resources which God has entrusted to us personally and corporately. We are responsible local and global citizens, and faithful stewards of creation.